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 Lilian Lux Condor

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Lux Condor

Lux Condor

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Name:Lilian Lux Condor (Lux is generally what she goes by)
Year Changed/Age: Lux was changed on December 7th, 1913 at the age of 14. She is now 97 years of age.
Description: Short, dark red hair frames a thin ivory face. Although her hair covers them, her shimmering blue eyes pierce through. She is very thin though she eats a ton. She is extremely stylish similar to Alice.
Diet: Her diet consists mainly of buffalo and deer.
RP Sample:

Lux lay on the cream-colored couch, her thoughts running as fast as she could. She lay on her side. She wanted to hunt. She was getting more and more famished every second. I should[i], She thought. She climbed out of the window and jumped into the wooded area behind her abode. She sniffed the air. The scent of two male buffalo wafted in it.
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Lilian Lux Condor
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