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 Travis Talbot - True Werewolf (Child of the Moon)

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PostSubject: Travis Talbot - True Werewolf (Child of the Moon)   Travis Talbot - True Werewolf (Child of the Moon) EmptyTue Jun 19, 2012 12:30 pm

Name: Travis Jonathan Talbot (T-ah-l-bat)
Species: Lycanthrope (Child of the Moon)
Age: 24
D.O.B: December 12th, 1988
Height: 6'1
Weight: 170 lbs
Build: average with some toning and no fat, by no means built
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Skin tone: Pale, not to the extent of a vampire
Ethnicity: Caucasian, Scottish decent

Not very imposing to say the least. Travis's entire pack of belongings is all that he can carry in his back. He is easily one of the most haggard and unhandsome young men to ever walk the earth. He has slightly oversized teeth, a portion of his left ear lobe appears to be bitten off; and several large, slash mark scars streak across his arms and torso. His jaw is somewhat pointed, with thick eye brows and sideburns and a protruding brow.

His hair is barely kept and somewhat clamped down under a old baseball cap. Many of his cloths have cuts, break marks; or rips scattered about them. Usually his attire consists of a simple, long sleeve shirt that appears one or so sizes to large for him, a vest, worn hiking boots, a backpack; and pants.

Lycanthrope form:
Height: 5'1 (quadrupedal), 9'9 (bipedal)
Weight: 780lbs

Half way between lupine and humaniod. Black fur covers his entire body, with extra thickness on the neck, shoulders; and forearms. Feet and legs are lupine abet with a larger foot, digigraded with dewclaws. Forearms are more similar to a simian, with tough pads for running and recurved talons on the tip of each finger. His muscular build has grown, causing his shirt and pants to rip; though even then his physical strength is even more then his build lets on. His skin has turned a dark gray. A short lupine like snout has now grown from his face, though it is much shorter then a wolf's; causing his face to still resemble that of a human when seen in profile. His newly grown fangs are long enough to protrude slightly from his lips no matter if his mouth is closed.

The only remaining human trait is his blue eyes. His human mind is nearly completely gone to the point his psyche in this form is almost a split personality. As the night draws closer, the 'Wolf's' mentality and thoughts become harder and harder to stave off; even going as far as to speak to Travis in his mind almost like a inner demon. When fully transformed, Travis has almost no control over himself what so ever; though he can recall the events that transpire during his nightly activities.

When transformed, Travis can and will attack anything that gets near him. Vampires, Shapeshifters, humans, animals; if he sees or smells them he will do anything he can to kill them, and has the physical capability to do so. At best, he can try to 'aim' the monster at something away from a innocent.

In addition to being crazed, ravenous; and brutal in this form; Travis has all of the abilities one would expect from a member of his race. Vastly enhanced physical strength, greater then that of all but the most powerful vampires, long, razor sharp claws, a top speed on par with a sports motorcycle (usually going on all fours to do such), fangs; and enhanced senses and reflexes. The physical enhancements are all present in his human form, though on a lower level. He can tap into more of his monstrous form's powers when his alternate 'psyche' senses his life is in danger.

(if a mental image is required, this form looks similar to the werewolf from the 2010 'WolfMan' remake)


Travis is not like most people. Nor is he like Fork's more, unhuman residents. As one of the ever fewer Children of the Moon, Travis has access to both great power; and one of the greatest curses of all time.
Unknowingly the decedent of both the Blackmoor Wolfman (Lawrence Talbot, 1899) and the Gévaudan werewolf (Jean Chestel, 1777), the curse could be said to be a reoccurring 'family tradition' of the Talbot's being afflicted with certain, carnivorous lunar endeavors.

Originally a aspiring paleontology and zoology student, Travis was afflicted with his 'condition' during an unfortunate accident while on a paleontologist expedition in Mongolia. Travis's classmates and professor were all killed, with Travis being badly mauled. Mistaken for dead himself, Travis was taken to the morgue with the other bodies. That night, a full moon; he had his first 'episode'. His wounds rapidly healed, and in full monstrous form he ripped and shredded his way through the staff.

Since then, he's traveled across the world trying and failing to cure himself. One endevour her took was trying to kill the werewolf who slaughtered his colleges and infected him. After some years of searching from Mongolia, to Siberia; to the mountains of forests of Japan; he eventually found his attacker near Mt. Fuji. Unfortunately, the intervention of a solar eclipse caused both to 'wolf out' and attack one another, with Travis barely managing to kill his foe by tearing his throat out. This however, while it seemed to cure him at first; proved only temporary.

Eventually giving up, and being to much of a coward to commit suicide; Travis resorted to trying to find a place he could find that he could get far enough away from anyone before sun down to avoid hurting, to killing someone. He needed a gloomy, dark, isolated place with ample forests and animals to chew on to keep the 'wolf' occupied; but also a town center he could visit during the day to keep his human psyche healthy. He found just that place in the Pacific Northwest. Camping on the fringes of a town just south of Forks, Travis makes a meager living doing odd jobs around town.

But each night, especially on those of the full and new moon; Travis always much take extra care to get out of dodge as far as possible.... Sometimes... he wasn't so successful....

Fortunately his first victim was just a insignificant, Newborn Vampire, but in his time he has taken human lives. A fact that still haunts him every-time he remembers the experiences.

Patient and knowledgeable, Travis was once a very calm and happy young man. This positive being conflicts constantly with the brutal, animalistic psyche the curse has inflicted upon him. In short, Travis is a tortured soul that is terrorfied of what he is and how he might hurt someone. By now the Werewolf psyche has effected him on a level it is almost a Jerkell and Hyde relation between the two conscious. The monstrous persona occasionally taking over his body briefly even in human form, typically in times of anger or rage; or when it detects his life is in danger. This is distinguishable by Travis speaking in a noticeably deeper voice that sounds almost like growling.
But despite he being his own worst nightmare, partially due to his inherent will to live, the self preservation the monster psyche retains; and some level of cowardice, he can not bring himself to end his own life.

RP Post:

"Must get away.... Got to...get...away... th-the people will g-g-g-get!" Travis gurgled out under an influx of extreme pain shot through every cell of his body. Few knew the pain one underwent when a true werewolf transformed. It wasn't smooth and quick like one of Quileute tribe, but agonizing and too slow for comfort. Bones cracked themselves and twisted, muscles detached and bulged, ripping his skin as they grew and reattached in angled impossible for a human.

Finger nails shifted as claws erupted under then, forcing the nails off along with dribbles of blood. His shirt, already covered in sweat and blood; began to tear from the shear change in mass it was trying to accommodate. Holes in the seems erupted and waxed in sized, being patched by the growing covering of coarse, black fur.

"Gotta..gret...aaaaaahhaaaaaahh!" the lycanthrope gurgled out of vocal cords that were now barely human. In a few seconds, even that organ would be animal.

It is time to kill.... and kill.... we..... shall...

Some time later, a newborn vampire was finishing her first meal on the outskirts of the town. The fisherman was an old man, but blood was blood. Licking her lips clean as she nonchalantly dropped the now husk of a corpse. Her new life was nothing less of what she dreamed it be. After all, what is there to fear when you are the top predator.

That however, was a misconception when at night......

There was a rustled in the shrubs heading down the slope; Jolting up, the vampire caught a glimpse of something very large speeding towards her. The beast was growling loudly, sending an emotion the 18 year old hadn't felt since she turned rushing down her spine..... fear.....

Quickly getting to her feet, she bolted, running full speed through the dark forest, barely dodging the fallen trees and rocks that dotted her path, with the leaves kicking up behind her in a brilliant display. After some minutes of running, she stopped to look around. Thoughts of the charging beast racing through her head, as did questions on why her fear seemed almost instinctual. Why would a vampire, the ultimate predator... fear anything?
The thought was cut short by the sound of an audible growl echoing out, accompanied by the creeking of bushes and leaves. Looking to her left, the vampiress caught the glimpse of glowing blue eyes, and large fangs glistening in the moonlight above.

A soul wrenching, wailing howl that could split the air echoed through the forest soon after, as blood and diamond like dust splatter against the trees.
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Travis Talbot - True Werewolf (Child of the Moon)
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