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 Cherylina Lott [Vampire]

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Cherylina Lott [Vampire]  Empty
PostSubject: Cherylina Lott [Vampire]    Cherylina Lott [Vampire]  EmptyWed Jan 19, 2011 6:57 am

Name: Cherylina Lott [vampire]

Year Changed/Age: 1998 / Born in 1982

Description: She has a dark brown bob that just touches her sholders and she likes to wear red off the sholder tops, she has a power like alice to forsee the future. she likes to run around with her mate but feels like she struggles to fit in at school

Diet: she mostly tries to live on forms of meat and steak so she refraines from humans

RP Sample: Cheryl turned around and resisted the urdge to knock adams lights out but instead gritted her teath and smiled "No , I will not go out with you"
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Cherylina Lott [Vampire]
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