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 Hayley Volturi Application

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Hayley Volturi

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PostSubject: Hayley Volturi Application   Sat Aug 21, 2010 6:57 pm

Name: Hayley Jayne Volturi
Year Changed/Age: Changed - 2009, Age - 1 year. Physically - 18
Description: Hayley is a very strange person to understand, she is kind but also extremely cruel. She enjoys making people hurt, but then feels guilty afterward. She is crazy as hell, but that doesn't really matter; she gets hyper alot. She respects the Volturi and the Volturi's rules. She loves being part of the guard. She has the ability to control someone's thoughts, which can make them do anything she wants them to and believe anything she wants them to. It works on humans, vampires and only some shifters, as some are immune to her power. She has bright red hair, to match her eyes. Which makes her hard to miss. She likes shopping though isn't really a girly girl. She just dresses as to what mood shes in and what shes doing.

Play By: Hayley Williams
Diet: Non-Vegetarian.
RP Sample:
I was wandering the volturi castle, there wasn't really anything to do today. Just the boring old usual. I sighed and sat down on one of the sofa's in the reception area, it was sunny outside, so that meant that was out of bounds. Plus it probably was anyway because I hadn't eaten in a while and I was a newborn. Ugh, I hated being a newborn; you got treat like a baby. So annoying. I got comfy in the sofa, No one was around today. I didn't know where they were but they must have to be somewhere. I sighed and got up. I didn't like being on my own, unless I was in my room. I walked into the main plaza and no one was there, ugh. I walked through the corridor's and through a different door, this one lead to the Volturi Guards dorms. There was no one there either. I slammed the door shut behind me ran to my room and dumped myself on my bed. Where was everyone?
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Hayley Volturi Application
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