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Name: Gabriel
Year Changed: 1964
Human Age: 18
Description: He has short black hair and golden eyes. He is not as shy as most other vampires, but is not outgoing.
Diet: Animals only.
RP Sample:
Gabe crouched low to the ground. He could see the deer in front of him, and he pounced.The other deer scattered and the one he held squirmed. He bit into it's neck and then set it down. He looked at the deer thankfully, then began to drink its warm blood. He lifted his arm and wiped the scarlett mask from his face. He got up and ran out of the woods very quickly, then he found himself wandering aimlessy through the city. He was well fed, and felt like walking. He walked until the sky was beginning to turn into a beautiful color combination of pink, orange, and purple.
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