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 Ivy (Vampire)

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PostSubject: Ivy (Vampire)   Ivy (Vampire) EmptySat May 08, 2010 1:45 pm

Ivy Vititoe
Changed in 1923 at age 18
She has medium length black hair and aqua blue eyes. She doesn't like to talk to people and wears dark clothes.
She lives on a human-animal blood diet, surviving mainly on animal blood and treating herself to human on special occasions. She is able to do this for her strong self control.
Ivy ran through the woods, feeling the wind, and her hair, whip her face. She stopped as she realized she had ran into someones backyard. She looked up at the magnificent house towering above her. She marveled at the house, wondering who lived in such a fine masterpiece. The whole back side of the house was a wall of crystal clear glass. She saw a figure or two moving with her sharp eyesight, and realized some vampires from her school, the Cullens, lived there. Of course. No human could appreciate the beauty of such a house, only a vampire. And she had begun to believe a human could notice such things. She scowled and was off back into the refreshing feel of the woods.
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Ivy (Vampire)
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