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 Application for Skye Hill

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Application for Skye Hill Empty
PostSubject: Application for Skye Hill   Application for Skye Hill EmptyThu May 06, 2010 10:03 pm

Name: Skye Hill
Eyes: emerald green
Hair: black, shoulder length
Age: 17
Description: She is very unsocial and likes to keep to herself. She makes good grades. She is tall for age, 6'1. She is thin, but a good weight. Her height is mostly made from her very long legs. She weighs 122 pounds.
RP Sample:
Skye woke up in the middle of the night in her silent, coal black room. She sighed heavily, wondering why she kept having dreams of a beautiful pale white man with deep red eyes. He did not look friendly, but more alluring than anyone she had ever seen before. She knew that he was a vampire, as she had met them before. But she had never met this man. She sat up and decided to forget about him for another day, as she had for the past week. She then realized with extreme embarrassment that he resembled a boy at school that she liked. She then told herself it was just a coincidence and got out of bed. She slowly made her way over to her closet and picked out a teal blue tee-shirt with a black vest and black skinny-jeans. She got dressed and then found her black converse and put them on. She walked silently into the kitchen and grabbed a box of cereal and a bowl. She ate quickly and then ran outside to get on the bus. She sat next to a pale white boy with golden brown eyes named Gabriel. "Hi Gabe." she said. "Uh, hey." he replied shyly. He was the boy she liked, and he was a vampire.
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Application for Skye Hill
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