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 Jason Brooks

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Name:Jason Brooks
Year Changed/Age: Changed at birth, mother was attacked while pregnant, thus giving him his quasi vampiric abilities. (Still retains some human traits)
His age is well over 100, but he looks to be only around mid thirties.
Description: He has short black hair, and is dark of skin complexion. Wears sunglasses to cover his oddly colored eyes. His teeth are pearly white, despite his never really brushing them, and if one looks closely, can see they are slightly pointed. He wears red under armor under his black vest, over top of which he wears a black leather trench coat.
Diet:He stoutly refuses to drink blood, and has with the help of a scientist friend, developed a serum which controls the hunger, and actually, gives him the nutrients from blood, without actually having to drink the blood itself.
RP Sample: The night was cold and still. Effortlessly hanging in the air, the moon cast it's eerie glow upon the darkened park. A single bench sat illuminated by a lamp post along a path. A couple sat talking on it, unknown they were being watched. The still night began to pick up, and the wind began to blow mercilessly. The two hugged, and began to kiss gently after a moment. From a distance a shadow slid out from under a tree and came into being. From being nothing to a tangible object, sliding silently and swiftly across the grass. The woman in the couple stood and with strength that defied her size, picked the man up by the neck. He kicked and tried to scream, but was unable. She lowered him down to her mouth, saliva beginning to drip. The shadow moved up behind her quietly and with a swift motion, swung a thin piece of wire around her neck, and pulled her to the ground. Knowing the only way to stop her was to kill her, the figure knelt down and bit into her neck, savagely ripping it open. Then, with the wired, finished the job and separated the head from the body. The man was on the ground now, scrambling away. Jason pulled from his coat a small vial of a viscous liquid and poured it on the body and head. With a lighter, he set both on fire, and walked away, vanishing into the night, his job done, another monster slain.
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Jason Brooks
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