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 Logan R. Abbott

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Human One:

Name:Logan Ross Abbott
Description: hes very easy going but he can get alittle pissy at times Logan R. Abbott M_d3f2a28164714bdda0af061cb5e66448 its the dude
RP Sample: i hope 3k will work 2
I'm in the arena its dark i like it. but i lost the belt the first time, this time That belt is mine. I wont stop until i win Steve and The Brotherhood think there the best well. I Matt Richardson am the true beast,no the true Enigma in evolved and that fro sure is more then the likes of those idiots will ever bee Just look at me. I'm a God among the roster I'm the prophet of Physical Fitness, and once i hit my Demon Destroyer I'm going to debut a New Finisher that no one will escape from. The Demon lock,I'll make them look like little rag dolls, There going to be my little whipping Bitches. The Fans may not like me but, thats there problem no one cares about the fans here there all here for the money. Ahh money if these fans think that there going to watch the perfection that is Matt Richardson for little money there false I'm going to get the belts me and my partner. Feel my wrath your all nothing compared to me. Juvi got owned in are last match, that fucking idiot ran his mouth about a Dynasty or some shit he was trying to start. Well i have my Legacy to build, And if i have to swap partners to get what i want those tag belts then by god I'm going to do it and theres not a damn thing anyone can do about it because My Name is Matt Richardson I'm The Best tag competitor in the EW and with my partner at the Uprising the Legacy of The Brotherhood as Tag Champs Will end And I Will be Cemented not only as the prince of perfection but as the longest raining tag champ/ World champ in Evolved history. So who ever wins the Title at Uprising is just keeping it warm for me, So Devin Colon and Zach Bell out there better watch out because here i come and I'm not a happy person. Then after i win the Tag and world title there will be only one belt left and that one has a history because I'm its rightfully owner So fear me now and lay down for me as Perfection is here and I'm just that damn good.

End Scene 1.

Matt Richardson Narrating: Well it started off as an easy day I'm just walking threw the arena dressed in my Wrestling gear I Appear behind the Curtain of the Entrance Ramp i peek out The Arena is packed full of screaming fans, And they git to see the Prince of Perfection right here right now. There it is the Dismal Whale of Hero By Skillet had hit the pa and my tron started to play thats when it happened the light went out the Flames started rising from the floor, and i made my way out into View of the fans, there boos were joyfull but i kept a straight cold face as i walked down to the ring walking as if the flaming pyro would hit me but torch me then the tron went to words, and the words read YOU CANT STOP PERFECTION YOU CAN ONLY HOPE TO DELAY IT. i stop at the end of the ramp and just stare at the ring for about thirty Seconds before turning and walking to the steps ascending up them.Once at the top the lights Go on and i enter threw the second rope, i walk to the far side of the ring and grab a Mic. "Well i may have lost on Chaos but the Story of perfection has not yet had its final Chapter. You see the difference between Storme and my self is that we thrive off different things. I thrive off of The Gold while he thrives off of winning a match. and thats what will be his downfall. Then that Brings my other opponent , I don't no who he is and i don't care were he came from because I'm the best in EW and ill prove it when i win the tag belts. You all will have Nothing to boo about. The Crowed boos him due to his comments. He just grins and starts to speak again* " Look you bunch of idiots i don't care what you think. I'm the best in the world at what i do everything you see in this ring come ppv time will be nothing short of perfection, You Cant Stop Perfection you can only hope to Delay;ay it. So to All of you stupid fans who think that I'm just a big mouth well I'm going to shut you up for good, My Partner (Name With Held) Will help me become NEW CHAOS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. So to all of you dick licking fans. Be Jealous. Because I'm the Prince of Perfection The Guru of Fitness i am the Future of EW I AM MATT Richardson.

End Scene 2.

I'm In The locker room, Putting my street Clothes in this dark Blood colored locker. The Wall paper so smooth it looks like it was painted on. the smooth Texture was unnerving i looked around the Locker room it smelled like ass but what I'm here to do is Win matches and win i must for my old partner had no fucking clue what to do in a title match the replacement for Jakob whats his face came in and gave him a cheap shot hit that move he calls a Finisher and pinned him. God Damn it. I punched the Locker leaving a dent the impact made a ear shattering bang. Juvi you little Nut Sucker if you think I'm going to team with you then dunce you have no clue how wrong you are. You don't deserve to be a tag team partner to anyone maybe if you go talk to the Chairman and ask for a losers Title you might win that, but this is the winners Federation not a bunch of losers trying to see who's the best loser out of the bunch. So Pack your shit if you don't become a champ in the next month because you will vs me at the next PP in a I Quit match. and trust me i do mean I QUIT. You See Judi i don't Need you and you may need me but you just need to get use to it. Your nothing with out me just wait till you vs me and win you lose and you will leave The Evolved Wrestling Federation.

End Scene 3

Chaos Interviewer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time The Prince of Perfection Matt Richardson. Now Matt Well all no that you have a secret partner in your tag match for the belts against the brotherhood, any hints to help us figure out who it is?
Matt: Well i can say this my partner, hes no rookie like that little punk hard balls Judi. You see unlike just talking shit my partner can talk loud and hit harder So while you guys cheer for The Brotherhood ill get tagged in sneak behind my opponent and lock in The Demon lock. They will tap out or pass out and i will become the NEW Chaos tag team champ
Chaos Interviewer: So you feel confident in winning this match at the up rising ppv. but what if you don't then what?
Matt: Well theres no need for me to answer that because I'm going to win and if i don't then I'm going for the international title a belt full of greatness in its self.
Chaos Interviewer: Well thank you for all of your time Mr. Richardson and we cant wait for your match.

End Scene 4.

I'm Sitting in my locker room alone reading a Mens Fitness Magazine which i just happen to be on the cover of this particular issue it has a question and answer section,asking me about my match at the ppv, I State that I'm going to win by any means, and my opponents are going to think that it only hurts to breathe. Suddenly you will feel like all the strength has left you and your worthless. but now thats enough of that Ive been called Mr. Roids since coming to evolved and i gotta say that what you see is chiseled out of stone god made this god made perfection and I'm The Prince of Perfection everyone else on the roster, no one else will be able to say that when perfection has kicked there little sorry asses into the next world. So watch out evolved because The Prince is here and its time for you to enter the Era of Perfection as I take the first step into becoming the Chaos Tag Team Champion and if that goes as planned then i will become your New international champion. But one thing is for sure the eyes around me are so cold with every chance they get they steal my soul. Now i here a knock at my door i stand up from the couch in the locker room and open the door out there is the Beautiful Katie Lea (Who else would it of been my partner? Nu uh he will come in full circle at the ppv)

Matt: Hi Katie i was wondering when you were going to get here.
I say a little happy that shes here with her being my Valet and all she may come in handy as helping me and may partner win the chaos belts but thats just encase we run into problems.

Matt: Come on in.

I watch the very Stunning Chaos Diva walk into my room and sit her little self on the couch.

Katie: Well Matt i was wondering if you would tell me who this partner of yours is.

I sorta Chuckle at this I thought i told her that she would find out at the ppv. but i guess i could let her know i mean what harm could it do but on the other hand i could play her like a fiddle and tell her thats it going to be a WWE Superstar

Matt: Katie i guess i can tell you as long as you keep it to your self.

She looks at me with those devilish eyes of hers and i start to speak again.

Matt: My Tag Team Partner Will be The Undertaker.

I could tell that she was either a little freaked out or excited that she would be ringside with who she thought was the undertaker

Matt: Well Katie its been Great seeing you i hate to send you on your way but I'm about to head off to the gym so i guess ill see you for the match?

I ask just to make sure that she would be there.

Katie: Yea Ill be there Matty.

Was all she said before she stood up and left.

End Scene 5

Im in the gym benching my Warm up weight of about 430 pounds. Thats nothing compared to the 700 pounds I could do if i had already warmed up. Sweat just covering my body just making it look more chiseled then before as the sweat runs over the cracks and Crevasses of my toned body. But it takes work to become perfection so thats what I'm doing trying to maintain my perfect body so that my opponents are hit harder. then if i was to normally to hit them. i put the weight down sit up and reach for my bottle of water.

Matt: Well that was a hundred reps i think.

I stand up re position my self on the bench grab the weight again hold it to my chest and begin to do Sit ups its painfully true but its all going to be worth it, my abs began to tingle i could feel my muscles harden. i just know that I'm not going to lose this match and there is no way in hell I'm going to stop until i get my title and We needs to Realize i came here to be a champion and I'm going to be a champion for a long long time. i put the Bar back on the rack as i reach for my water bottle pouring some on my torso to try and cool me off. i get on the ground and start to do some push-ups on my knuckles of course, the knuckles are a lot harder to do then on your hands and there for gives you stronger hits. Every one will walk away in silence after the vs me the will be thinking and preying god help me they Will try and find him but the great savior will of gave up on them. and that will be truly sad as they think they will not be welcome in the presence of the mighty god and that my friends is what is truly sad when the pain i have caused causes the lord god to turn there back on the victims. OF me The True Prince of Perfection Matt Richardson.

End Scene 6.

Welcome to the world of perfection i am your prince i let you into my world but you turn on me i dress in black and you call me a emo. i have huge muscles but you call me mr. roids i lift weights thats my way to succes. look at you your nothing. Santino could beat you with a monkey in his pocket. you see all of you so called superstars your about to see the star of a lifetime my name will not be forgotten my place will never be set to one spot the top is for me not you i look into your eyes and i see fear. you look at me and you see domination look none of you belong in my world but im doomed to live in the world of imperfections, your all a bunch of morons as you stare at your fate there is no place to hide. Im the king and your my bitch you do what i let you do and nothing more nothing less just shut your trap and go to hell as i set you up to kill your demons but your going to have to fight a demon if you want to be set free of sin bow down to me get on yo knees. the darkness that surronds you cna be removed just prey to god and then ask me you see im the choice you have to make become perfection or just lay there and die. your all just a bunch of morons for the sin you comit look into the scripture as you can see it states sin was put here by eve who had adam eat the fruit from the tree the serpant which is satan which most of you prey to can be vanquished if you let me save you.im a prophet from his greatness a true man of reason, just look at you and stare at me i can help you but you just have to lay down for me fighting me is true to have you come to an end your carrer your life but your judgement wilkl be passed down apon you from the heavens and god will make you blind the sin you comit is just a waste of time do something good dont be a idiot. your savior is here im your hero im the prince just listen to the music as it whales in to your brain cry for forgiveness when he comes for his followers the master may forgive you but those who repeat sin are doomed to the darkness as he leaves you will see nothing and feel only pain. just go and ask for help go to church prey to him he is always there but im his juggernaught and he has sent me to help you see the light im the new age of light and i will save you just prey or cry and your answers will be seen your vison restored no more hungar no more fatige you see as you cry for help im there to assist just ask and you shall recive may your soul be spared from the darkness of the sin sin is not the answer he is the punishment you sin the demon is let loose a demon lives in us all we just all need to find a way to use that demon for good not evil. A demon hides the truth of us all there is nothing worse then the lies i see people tell i can figure it out though the demon lock is to make you answer to your sins the pain is so horrid that no matter how hard you try escape is impossiable you can cry but you better tap or your a little doll with no life force left to stand on your own two feet the message i send is very clear if you listen i can save you but if you dont then there is no point in you being in my world with god i am his angle of pain the fifteenth angle of death fear me and orey that god save you. you can see him ot i will see you it is your choice and yours alone but what you must do is just prey for a savior and he will send you one but right now im all you got so prey to the all might god and he will save you prey to me and i will end you satan i no longer a problem in other companys the sin is all over some people i see even compete as sin so to all of the sinners in the world i say look at you then look at me there is something different about us im the king and your a bitch.

im out back this little bitch thought i stole his little fucking watch so i take him by the sleeve of his shirt and hois him up in the air this little bitch just picked on the wrong guy at the wrong time, i drop him on his head and laugh as he crys in pain. There is truely nothing that makes me laugh as much as some punk trying to start a fight with a man 4 times his own strength. i kick the little punk in the chest untill i hear one if not three of his ribs break at once.

this has been a Rp by

The Prince of Perfection Matt Richardson, The Angle of Death Sent by GOD
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Logan R. Abbott
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