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 Evelyn Stryder

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Name: Evelyn Astralitas Stryder
Year Changed/Age: 19 [Physically] Changed in 1960, still kinda newborn
Description: Strawberry blonde hair [a bit more on the red hair side], ice blue eyes and porcelain skin. Her hair is shoulder length, an dark orange-ish color, has a deep purple streak in her hair and it's always in her face covering her eyes. Her height is 6'1, most of it her legs. Has a slender build [stick-like]. She is a cold and chilling person, a don't-give-a-hoot-about-anything type. Often misunderstood, but actually she doesn't care that much. Too loud for a vampire. She has a quick mind and a smart mouth. Always sarcastic, and rarely in a joking mood. Prefers to keep to herself. Works well with a team, although she might object occasionally.
Diet:White tiger, or anything cat, such as lion, cheetah. leopard, etc.
RP Sample: Evelyn smiled a lopsided smiled as she stood calmly with her hands folded across her chest. She could hear the newborns, and smell them. Hungry, thirsty, who knew what. Evelyn just waited calmly, sure of herself. Newborns were easy to deal with. Evelyn narrowed her eyes as they approached, and the newborns sprang. But Evelyn launched herself sideways like a bullet, escaping their assault. One newborn skidded to a halt and turned to face her. Evelyn raised an eyebrow and took a step towards him. "Watch it, Snarky. You don't want me to create an illusion. You seriously don't." That made the vampire cringe and scoot back from Evelyn. Evelyn smiled and sauntered off lazily.
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Evelyn Stryder
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