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 Kitty Krow Rin

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Name: Kitty Krow Rin
Year Changed/Age: changed in 1800 she was 16
Description: Kitty is a quite girl who prefers the solitude of her books, she always has an always will. Is provoked she can become violent and aggresive and spent a lot of time at home locked in her room. She has long, curly dark brown hair which she often adds blue streaks to. She is a short 5'5 and is very slim. She often wears darker and almost more gothic looking clotheing and people tend to avoid her for that.
Diet: Animals and Humans. She hunts both
RP Sample: with a quick and gracefull step Kitty walked into the library her brown hair falling in her face. She hadn't died her hair and was wondering if she should this weekend. The library she was currently in had a book she hadn't read yet and she really wnated to read it. Her currently red eyes searched the library looking for the Romance section and she found it. She took a few steps towards it before she grabbed the book she wanted and glanced through it. She couldn't beleive how trashy the book was. She didn't know what was wrong with writers these days, but she did know their version of ramance was bull crap. She put the book back and sighed. Everyone in the library smelt so good and she didn't know much longer she should stay. Kitty would try and stick to her animal diet but if she couldn't she would cheat a little and try hunting out of state.
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Kitty Krow Rin
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