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 Menasay Ringo

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PostSubject: Menasay Ringo   Menasay Ringo EmptyFri Nov 06, 2009 7:41 pm

Name: Menasay Ringo
Year Changed/Age: 1969; 18
Description: What kinda person they are and what they look like.
Diet: Carnevore and Vegitarian, her personallity and how ticked off she is normally will tell what she's in the mood for.
RP Sample: A vampire with long, black hair strode near the scent of the other Vampires of Forks. She knew the land was claimed but sall so much fun in striding close to others. Although a rogue, she fancied civilian life and prefered to socialize with humans over vampires. Over the years she had learned to control her hunger and now released it only on humans who deserved it or animals that came too close to her. As she came closer to Forks her eyes seemed to sparkle with the pride of many ages past.
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Menasay Ringo
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