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 Layla Foxley - Character Application

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Layla Foxley

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PostSubject: Layla Foxley - Character Application   Tue Jul 07, 2009 2:42 pm

Name: Layla Foxley
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Age: 15
Description: Layla didn't live far away before the house fire. Her parents tried to save her from the fire but they both died in the attempt. Only a coupple of weeks later she moved in with a family in Forks. She has been absent from the school for a month, however, due to her depression. Only recently she has started socalising with people if there are any to talk to. At one point she did not want to eat, drink, or do anything, other than sit on her bed staring.
RP Sample: While making her way along the tail through the trees of the foresst, Layla could think of nothing other than the fire. It had stayed in her mind ever since it happened. Why couldn't it have been her to die? She felt extreemly guilty for her perants death. She wanted to die but it wouldn't help at all. They died to save her, so just dieing would be an insult - a dissapointment. Layla would have to live on, no matter what.
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Layla Foxley - Character Application
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